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Recently, the Library of Trinity College Dublin received a private donation of original designed, hand-printed and hand-coloured Cuala Press prints, dating from the c.1910s, augmenting the college’s existing Cuala Press Archive. The visual (and textual) content of these prints provides a unique insight into the workings of the Cuala Press, its artists, the aims and objectives of the Irish Revivalist movement (of which the press was recognised as a key component), and their audiences and collectors.
With the support and funding of the Schooner Foundation, and in partnership with Trinity College Library, TRIARC and the Department of the History of Art and Architecture has established the Cuala Press Project which will facilitate conservation, research and public access to its existing and new Cuala Press holdings.
Printed images are viewed as a dynamic, and often a more democratic, artform; they were significantly less expensive than paintings, and they could be transported easily and cost-effectively. Therefore, national and international audiences, from across social classes, had the opportunity to engage with these works. The printed image is an intimate thing, it is a hand-held work of art and it addresses the viewer directly, its impact is immediate and considerable. The subject of Irish artists and illustration is a new and exciting area of research which has not been undertaken before in a comprehensive manner. Its narrative has to be reconstructed, revaluated and restored. The prints produced by the Cuala Press are among the most important graphic works ever produced in Ireland and provide a cornerstone for new scholarship in this area and period.

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Cuala Press Print Project, The Irish Art Research Centre (TRIARC), The Stables, Trinity College, Dublin 2.

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